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Happy new year !!

Thu Jan 4, 2018, 8:25 AM
The moon falls down by Ellysiumn
The moon falls down by :iconellysiumn:

Hi dear friends,

It's been a while I haven't made a feature ! I will try to do it more in 2018 :)
I wish you all a positive year with lots of great art to share !!!
:love: :hug: :heart:

HAPPY NEW YEAR    Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] by Jerikuto   


Dont let ur dreams be dreams by Ellysiumn   A million miles away 4K mosaic by Ellysiumn    Magic night ~ Tribute to Unicef by Ellysiumn Beyond the Horizon by Ellysiumn

The Tower by Ellysiumn   The Purple Tree by Ellysiumn  The rising by Ellysiumn    Winterfarben by Ellysiumn

Happy New Year 2018 by maiarcita     One Way Ticket To Bling Bling Land by Black-B-o-x   Samhain by eerilyfair    Galadriel (LOTR) by eerilyfair    Black Swan Lake by kuschelirmel

  Dreaming of Ghosts by PetyaPlamenova Dia de los Muertos by PetyaPlamenova Behind the Appearances by Renata-s-art      Follow your Dreams by kimsol

I Had A Dream by LadyEvilArts   The Martyr and the Saint by AlexandraVBach    Three Of Swords by EnchantedWhispersArt  No way by cloudmilk Red Rose Christmas by LevanaTempest

Dogs of War - Revenge by Dani-Owergoor  Devilina by BrietOlga  Realeza by vampirekingdom   Desafio by vampirekingdom  Ignibus Doloris by Shades-Of-Lethe

Night Magic by Sisterslaughter165   The Elixir of Life by Sisterslaughter165 Key To Happiness, Key To Love by Sisterslaughter165  Cold Heart by vampirekingdom  Dark Wood by annewipf  Who will catch me? by MariaBeloArt

Unsung Dreams by SummerDreams-Art   Hallow-ing Death by SummerDreams-Art    Goddess of Life by Wesley-Souza  Projeto Arquivado by Wesley-Souza

The Moon and the Nightshade by ErikShoemaker  The Eye and her Majesty by ErikShoemaker  Psycho-punk by OG2010  51-Pegasi-b by Aeon-Lux  Call of the dryads by Aeon-Lux

Elfish castle 2 by IgnisFatuusII   Pozzo di Conoscenza e Dolore by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A  Eagle Queen by KarinClaessonArt  Freyja (Mythology) by CrisestepArt   My reality. by IgnisFatuusII   Go North by Pendragon-Arts

Come on! by ChiantyVex  LadyMoon by IgnisFatuusII   Spring by Beholdentolove   Azza by TaniaART  Raven of Darkness by LaercioMessias   The Cathedral by kuschelirmel
We Wish You To Stay by Black-B-o-x    ForSaKen by mimikascraftroom    Pumpkin Village by Megan-Arts Springtime by Notvitruvian Marshlands by Notvitruvian

Queen II by alexnoreaga   Kadjika by saritaangel07 

Mature Content

From my hands,you were taken.. by chryssalis
   Peace by EstherPuche-Art   Forest Keeper- Collaboration by SummerDreams-Art   Strenua by FictionChick

Whisper Of Hummingbirds by MonaParvin   Dark Devil V2_______! by DIGI-3D     Ice Cream Cone. by ChristopherPollari usarobo-002 by shichigoro756  Tori-2017 by shichigoro756  Frisky-drawing by XRlS

Rekon-1 by elreviae   Black Bones by elreviae   Messiah by elreviae Xmas 2016 by Lacza  BB-8 by elreviae

    Dissolving Boundaries by MoodyBlue Horse by Vasylina Cat-dragon by Vasylina <da:thumb id="711182272"/>  Mireya And Her Lost Amulet by BrietOlga

Valley of dragons by ElenaDudina  Ghost ship by ElenaDudina  Una historia para contar by Marazul45  Brigit by Marazul45  Cowgirl Princess by Cinnamoncandy  Leshen by MaliciaRoseNoire

Aries by gotman68    The Source Of Life - Desktopography 2014 by Whendell The Immortal Trees by Whendell    QUEEN by kevotu

He just wants to play by LewiARTs Sweat BW by conservancy   Happy Holidays 2017 by nudagimo

Black is beautiful by m-gosia  Winter Droplets by creativemikey  Magic is all around... by Nataly1st  some drops by MarcosRodriguez Secret Roses III by Ellysiumn-GvE

Buttermere by newcastlemale   End of ice age by m-eralp   Coastline Rocks by EveLivesey

A place in my dreams by Ellysiumn

A place in my dreams by :iconellysiumn:


Skin by SimplySilent

Feature :)

Mon Mar 9, 2015, 12:10 PM
Hello dear friends
There are some stunning works :)

The new Advanced Creation Challenge by Fotolia has begun
 if you are french you can participate here :
Fotolia's blog…

Shark World by stellartcorsica    Challenge 17 Advanced Creation by Fotolia by stellartcorsica  Challenge Advanced Creation by Fotolia by stellartcorsica

This is the making of Shark World, the creation I've made for Advanced Creation :love: Hope you will like it

Make sure to click on the HD button :)

Shark World by stellartcorsica

:heart: Feature :heart:

Frozen tree of Peace.. by chikuQ           1 by zhaoenzhe          When the moon is closer by AquaSixio          

  Rhythm by yuchenghong           wolf by Elda-QD

013 by BladMoran        lure the world by feimo        Akasha by yuchenghong           The Sensation of Drowning by ctyler         

Mature Content

Gods and Monsters by fdasuarez
         Atenea by Madboni

<da:thumb id="517551724"/>       Le Cabinet de Curiosites - La Dame de Pierre by AlexandraVBach        As to the Flame by balaa        Lion by Nacho3

The last fight by morganmarinoni      Judgment by MachiavelliCro      SAUVAGE by Rafido       Poppies by Notvitruvian

Clown WIP by Jcdow3Arts        the other side by cat-aviator        150221 by exellero        Digital Texture Artwork 271 by mercurycode

The color of her eyes by AkubakaArts        Bring me my heart back by MiloshJevremovic       I Will Be Your Queen by Lolita-Artz          The sea witch - print available by SecretDarTiste

Seven Penguins by ArielRGH      Weeping of violin by MiloshJevremovic    Dark Gate by DraakeT by DraakeT    Nobility by Artsy50        <da:thumb id="518569164"/>   

Ophelia by SophiaMarilyn       Digital Texture Artwork 276 by mercurycode       You are by JenniferHealy

Gold Pearl by Avine         The lord of the time by Algalad      All-Stars by Bojan1558     Aeria by Myrmirada        

Hold Me Under the Sea by Nambroth       The Secret Garden II by nina-Y        ... a cold  afternoon by Aeternum-designs        <da:thumb id="516834861"/>

Another Day by Pajunen      Waiting by kimsol       hybrid by Vasylina     Texture 670 by Sirius-sdz       <da:thumb id="515608222"/>

Angel by Ellysiumn      Nymph by nina-Y     The Fountain of Life by nina-Y    Marieeh by AndreaCCastaneda      Forest sketch by Lolzdui

  Seeking shelter by Softyrider62       Ice is gone again already.... by digimagicnb          Beyond by Softyrider62     Trespasser by Softyrider62     Nonrational by Indifferento       Blondine by debNise

trap2 by MargotMi       red by MargotMi       L'Innocence by JacquelineLecocq       Witch IV by MeeriHelin     Black Crow Radiance~ by LINGDUMSTUDOG       Attack! by kimsol       Red Head by CGSoufiane

Jive Brother by Flobelebelebobele       Boulevard of Broken Dreams by debNise      Human extinction - coloured version by bataulai     The Source Of Life - Desktopography 2014 by Whendell      Once upon a time II by gotman68      Pirate Booty by FictionChick

Now You are Safe... by borda       Weight of the past by 1simplemanips1        The King's Lost Knight by CaitlinHackett       Forgotten Haunts by CaitlinHackett       Nastya Balyasnikova by grafnarq

The Forgotten Gods by Yoann-Lossel      I Blinked And The World Was Gone by shadeley      The Fate by Nicojam   Suddenly Appeared Out of Nowhere by Ryohei-Hase     Pinkmonkey by ArtofOkan       The Journey Continues in an Escape by Patriartis      Before the Journey - Parade by Patriartis

Crystal Dark by LuneBleu      Black Swan by Valentina-Remenar     THE FALLEN (drawing - pastel) by b-Dedi     Burning Love by FictionChick    Slavic mythology. Mermaid. by Vasylina     Lodge in the wood by Vasylina

Bath by tamaraR     The Sight Is White by crilleb50      <da:thumb id="518788621"/>      My Cave by shiny-shadows-Art    The Lost Temple by Wesley-Souza

    Truth by Jcdow3Arts     Between Here and There by Bojan1558    Happy Birthday Sandra! by EveLivesey   <da:thumb id="508821651"/>    The Angel of the Earth by Ellysiumn      Messenger by vampirekingdom  

  <da:thumb id="507054725"/>      Quayside by Notvitruvian     Deep Allure by KarinClaessonArt      The Harp by Paulo-Bert      Back-to-Nature by EnchantedWhispersArt    <da:thumb id="415361625"/>

Never ending memory by CrisestepArt    Cuando tu luz me abraza by Marazul45      Heaven's queen by IgnisFatuusII      Winter Queen by shiny-shadows-Art     Oddish by babsartcreations     <da:thumb id="430130174"/>     <da:thumb id="491863578"/>      Deertree by Le-Meridian

Behind The Shades by k-i-mm-i-e     Just One Wish by Sisterslaughter165     Engel by LevanaTempest     Vase by Notvitruvian     La soledad de los Angeles by CrisestepArt    <da:thumb id="347597369"/>      <da:thumb id="503141976"/>       Departure by Paulo-Bert 

My ancient butterfly by MarkOoMarben      A crow from the gothic land by MarkOoMarben       Bad Encounter by Garden-Of-BlackRoses     Broken Angel by shiny-shadows-Art     Chunk by Shana-e     Hippo by crilleb50     not so long ago, return from a epic voyage... by Sabina-Elisabeth

  Compass by Teddy-Cube   Icy stare by ElenaDudina    Deliverance by LevanaTempest    Sorrow by EstherPuche-Art    Two Sins by alexnoreaga

A little elephant by IgnisFatuusII

Together by XRlS     Frisky-drawing by XRlS

Monasterio Waterfall by EveLivesey

To my dear friend :hug: Queen by x-bossie-boots-x Rest  in piece dear Lou xxx

Skin by SimplySilent

Your amazing works

Journal Entry: Sun Oct 26, 2014, 2:45 AM

Hello dear friends,

this is a selection of the best works I have seen lately.

Have a nice Halloween time :love:

If you want to see me also on fb you are welcome here as well :)…

    Imagine FX Day of the Dead by Charlie-Bowater

Wonderland II by Tb--Photography      Wonderland by Tb--Photography      Texture 11 by AsiaAndEric-Stock      Arcana Coelestia (large) by gkellyz          


     XI by Charlie-Bowater     Fools Gold by Charlie-Bowater     GRIMM FAIRY TALES: DARK SHAMAN #3 by megurobonin     <da:thumb id="486653816"/>    

Till Dawn by LoranDeSore    The Dead Teach The Living by Clockwork7      R.I.P by JoJoesArt      Loh by Viccolatte        Duo by escume      December by escume       Hover by escume

Atenea by Madboni      <da:thumb id="476551626"/>       Silence Please - Steampunk Fairy by DarkAkelarre      Legend of the Cryptids - Ishtar EX by kidkidkidkid     Bixi gigantic strength by XiaoBotong  CURIOSITY by Grafix-Art     Wind Queen by rustikuz

Waterdrop by ada-adriana      Unique beauty by Algalad      Lady by sooj     Tithe by Charlie-Bowater     FeatherS by shiny-shadows-Art

[Inna] by mario-alba    <da:thumb id="439000950"/>    Will you break my heart? by XRlS    The Wild One by mario-alba     Anti-Elegance by AMSBT       Wisdom by Ryer-Ord-Star       CORONATION by kerbyrosanes        Jacked in by vaporization       LEGENDARY by kerbyrosanes     

Horse by ShineLP     <da:thumb id="416257254"/>    <da:thumb id="387603141"/>      The Dark Queen of Ice by Methyss     Dark-Horse by EnchantedWhispersArt

Drifted by korbox       Lunar ..... by kumpan       Weeping of violin by MiloshJevremovic      

  Moonstone by JulieKrizan        Grief by m-gosia       El Trinar del Silencio by ENZZOK       Treasure by Black-B-o-x       The Bridge by xetobyte

Mandorla by alterlier      Lost in Nowhere 4 by San-T      Cherry Sweet by San-T      <da:thumb id="489685161"/>     Rotations of Space by San-T     <da:thumb id="490177861"/>     Maybe a bit younger Slackjaw by Nonparanoid Portrait Study 12x12inch by ART-BY-DOC    Life is a Dance in The Rain III by borda

snake queen by Rinksy   Ein Hauch von Wirklichkeit by Ophelia-Overdose  Night by Foba   Vanilla Star by FlexDreams   Wild Spirit by JotVelZet   Daria and Katharina II by spasib0   I See You by Vinyl-Disco   Through Flowers and Rain pt.1 by carpenoctem410  Hydroponics by sugarvengeance

       Dreamer by mimikascraftroom     Steampunk Cat by CindysArt    Le Rabbit by JoseAlvesSilva     Alice by Little-Ginkgo     Reborn in fire by crayonmaniac          The Last Stand by Aegils     Smoking-A-Dream by Mr-Xerty            

Sky journey by JennyLe88        Mystery. Moon goddess by Vasylina       Dagr by EVentrue        Le Cabinet de Curiosites - The Mermaid by AlexandraVBach       Branch by IrKos        Make a wish by PetyaPlamenova       A mermaid's mournful serenade by LuneBleu   

       Last Battle by JdelNido       Kingdom in the Clouds by annewipf      7 Year Storm by leox912

The Damn by aresgirl34      Digital Art Texture 216 by mercurycode      Digital Art Texture 221 by mercurycode     Cry Havoc by NeoStockz     Digital Art Texture 220 by mercurycode     Cancer by RebeccaFrank     Digital Art Texture 200 by mercurycode        

       The Thistle's Habitat by LewiARTs       Tears of October by Miguel-Santos        Black-n-White Dream_09 by caddman        Zoe - Beauty queen and predator! by Seb-Photos       Water Carrier II. by andokadesbois

The Gate of Wonderland by nina-Y      Wind by Garden-Of-BlackRoses     Crowned by Black-B-o-x     The Sinking Belle by nina-Y     Hot Soul by Bojan1558      Luise by Megan-Arts

 <da:thumb id="489035070"/>     <da:thumb id="411072581"/>    <da:thumb id="430383620"/>     <da:thumb id="420391164"/>    <da:thumb id="483309740"/>      <da:thumb id="409857455"/>     <da:thumb id="359292225"/>

The King in the Field by crilleb50      A Magic Place To Study by Doucesse     not so long ago, return from a epic voyage... by Sabina-Elisabeth      A sip deadly by DiosaEMR      <da:thumb id="447547036"/>     La soledad de los Angeles by CrisestepArt     Hidden Treasure by FictionChick     Through The Window by FictionChick

Have a nice week-end :)

Great Feature

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 4, 2014, 1:01 AM

My collections Sensation and Instinct by stellartcorsica

Hello dears, hope you are all fine.
It's been a while I didn't have much time to be here. I will try to come back more often I miss ypu so much!
I am glad to announce you that my collections Instinct & Sensation for smartphone shell are now on sale here :
Have a nice week-end!!!
Have a great week-end :hug: :heart: :blowkiss:

:heart: Feature time :heart:

My last tutorial Heaven by stellartcorsica
Golden Hope by stellartcorsica

Painterly Portrait Study by ART-BY-DOC Subconscious Sight by Greyfell-Fine-Art Maya by MonaParvin<da:thumb id="450562502"/> Set me free by Anna-Marine
The-Lost-Virgin by Mr-Xerty
Free Mind by TeSzu<da:thumb id="461721970"/> Road-Closed by EnchantedWhispersArt warning by beyzayildirim77 DIVINITY OF DARKNESS by Deharme Daenerys Sketch by vshen
Ladder For Redemption by Paulo-Bert
Smeraldina by IgnisFatuusII Waking Dream by Sturmideenkind Circus came by IrKos Awaiting-Her-Prince by EnchantedWhispersArt Vampus  by JdelNido
Roedeer skull - Tattoo Design (better quality) by MySweetDarkness
Dot Horse - Tattoo design by MySweetDarkness Catalina by vampirekingdom The Sadness of the Unicorn by MySweetDarkness room V :: phobia by Princess-of-Shadows
Green Ratsnake by BiBiARTs
<da:thumb id="462912990"/> Alien Plant by JoniNiemela Speed Paint Insomniganza 14/20 by Cryptid-Creations Discovered in the garden by LewiARTs
unSPOKEN by k-i-mm-i-e
I had a DREAM by k-i-mm-i-e Nymph by Filipe-Pagliuso Narnia by Azot2018 Premade Background 37 by maiarcita Godiva by alexnoreaga
Gothic Portraits: Elsa by BigBad-Red
Raven by Avine Why Have You Forsaken Me? by MachiavelliCro Whisper of hope by artorifreedom Melancholy in Harmony by Annie-Bertram Judgment Day by MirellaSantana
The Majestic Goddess by Wesley-Souza
LoC09 by dalisacg Comm: Marah and Tanner by merillizaART Breath of Life by LevanaTempest She Dies by Amiltarea Broken angle by Forjani Ecstasy into the savage garden by EnysGuerrero
The Pan's Door by Carlos-Quevedo
La Lama di Falsita by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-A<da:thumb id="426139116"/> Bixi gigantic strength by XiaoBotong Passersby by xetobyte
Invocation by elreviae
Soul Hunter by CGSoufiane sketch fun by Takumer The Queen's Return by WojtekFus If You Believe by x-bossie-boots-x

She Who Dared To Dream by PetyaPlamenova
Automn by shiny-shadows-Art Natural forces by Notvitruvian La luz que alimenta mi oscuridad by CrisestepArt Grim Signs by vampirekingdom Window to Heaven by Ellysiumn Enter Here by Wesley-Souza
Bringer of Light by MachiavelliCro
<da:thumb id="483946835"/> The Autumn Witch by BrookeGillette One more day without you by EstherPuche-Art
Pierrot by Cinnamoncandy


Enjoy! :)

Time goddessA by zinnaDu
DeCeit by owel
Renaissance dandelion by LadFree
Passersby by xetobyte
Inception by Sidiuss
Forest guard... by Alcove
Red Temptation... by 187designz
Rusalka by Blavatskaya
The Queen's Return by WojtekFus
Bath Candle by MirellaSantana
La reina olvidada by Marazul45
Life Glimmer by soon38
Journey to an Unknown Place by Wesley-Souza
Frozen soul by CindysArt
Thirsty by crilleb50
HeartBroken by Garden-Of-BlackRoses
The Mirror by CrisestepArt
Thinking of you by Ellysiumn
.: The Stalker :. by Pure-Poison89
Throne by Notvitruvian
Angel of power by babsartcreations
Mortuary by Aeternum-designs
Mesmer by goldfishkang
Chopper by ArtofOkan
Ophelia by SeventhFairy
Waiting.. by Megan-Arts
Keep-It-Safe by Mr-Xerty
Then She Found Me by Bojan1558
Dragon Tamer by PetyaPlamenova
Gothic Angel by KarinClaessonArt
Fairy Whispers by Sisterslaughter165
Boats by StudioUndertheMoon
Roedeer skull - Tattoo Design (better quality) by MySweetDarkness
Andromeda by IgnisFatuusII
Butterfly by EveLivesey
Athabasca Gorge by EveLivesey
Pair by MarcosRodriguez

Some of my publications :

“The Show is over“ on the covert cover ADVANCED CREATION HS 26 novembre 2013 by stellartcorsica
+ tutorial tutorial ADVANCED CREATION HS 26 novembre 2013 by stellartcorsica

tutorial ADVANCED CREATION HS 26 novembre 2013 by stellartcorsica
ADVANCED CREATION H.S. 25 septembre 2013 by stellartcorsica
publication in THE INFECTED BY ART BOOK by stellartcorsica

interview ADVANCED CREATION HS 26 novembre 2013 by stellartcorsica

Follow me :)
My publications in Advanced Creation mag :…

Hello dears have a nice week-end!!!
I let you appreciate all theses jewels of Art :love:. Feel free to fave and comment!! :love:

Diablo Contest - Demon Hunter by ArisT0te
F-006 by shichigoro756
Devils Garden by maikeshepherd
Witch by Ashramart
Sleeping beauty by ilona-veresk

Hidden Treasure by FictionChick
A Breath of Ancient Times by vampirekingdom
Turtle by Hengki24
Botanical bird 1 by MarcelaBolivar
Rowan girl by Sisterslaughter165
Scale by escume
Pepper Bella by Artgerm
Mother Nature by Alicechan